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The Queensland Horse Council Inc.
Brief History

The Queensland Horse Council Inc (QHC) was founded in 1986, following a request from the Federal Government as a result of a Contagious Equine Metritis outbreak in Australia.
At a meeting in Toowoomba in April 1986 prominent equine veterinarian, Dr Reg Pascoe began proceedings with an address covering the history of Horse Councils in Australia and outlining the need for such Councils in providing representation, co-ordination and unity within the horse industry, its associated individual groups and Government Departments.  The advantages of having a central organised body at State level to deal with areas of disease control, education and legislation, animal welfare, research, communication and problems peculiar to individual states, were pointed out in his address.
The Queensland Horse Council Inc was formed and duly incorporated, and since that time has consistently addressed issues affecting members of the horse industry.  These have included matters like:
  • Promoted and developed in partnership with EER the Large Animal Rescue training for the Horse Industry.
  • The development of the Hendra Vaccine
  • Spraying horses to cross the tick lines,
  • Road safety,
  • Animal welfare,
  • Keeping roads open to horses,
  • Exotic disease issues,
  • Registration of farriers,
  • Public liability insurance,
  • Drug testing,
  • A Code of Practice for Horse Hiring Establishments,
  • The establishment of Horse Trails after the declaration State Forests would become National Parks
Since its inception the Queensland Horse Council has, in line with its commitment to education, regularly held seminars on a wide variety of topics to provide opportunities for members of the industry to receive expert advice and ideas on a wide range of topics of interest or concern to all sectors.   You can be sure of an interesting programme when these conventions take place.
Joining the QHC assists the Council and will strengthen application of their representations on your behalf as a member of the Industry.  The QHC does not have any agenda to involve itself in any other organisations activities or affairs.
Please go to the membership page print and complete the application form and return it with your fees.