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Biosecurity - What it means to you and your horses

Biosecurity is the commonsense and practical management of your horses health, your property's health and above all your health.  With sensible management practices you can reduce the risk of disease infecting your animals, weeds affecting your property and avoid putting your own health at risk - after all for the majority of horse owners, the welfare of your animals depends on ............


The Biosecurity pages are designed to inform and educate you.  Some of the practices will apply to larger establishments, some to the single horse owner.  It is your decision how many precautions you take, but even simple changes can save you a lot of money in disease prevention.  So go to our expanded Biosecurity Pages and the information is also available in easy to print, downloadable fact sheets.  Feel free to print them and share them.  New information will be posted regularly. 

Accredited Tick Control Personnel
Application by Organisation for Tick Control Acceditation
Application for Travel Permit for Competition Stock
Application Multi Movement Travel Permit
Biosecurity – Event Organiser
Biosecurity - Going to an Event
Biosecurity on your Property
Guide to Waybill Completion
Hendra Property Design
Hendra Virus Disposal

Horse Health Declaration
Horse Safe AHIC
Horse Safety Australia Explained
Horse Safety Aust Registration Form
Horse Venue Biosecurity Workbook
QHC Temperature Chart
QHC Visitor Register
Qld Cattle Tick Zones
Qld Waybill
Risk Management Plan Event Organiser
Transport Coe of Practice CSIRO