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Going to Events

Most diseases are introduced to a horse property with the arrival of a new horse that is already infected or is a carrier of a disease, or through a horse coming into contact with a diseased horse – for example, while attending an event.
NEVER take a horse that is sick to an event or competition.
Not only is it dangerous for the horse involved, with the additional stress of travel and competition, but very dangerous and potentially costly for the organisers and ALL the other competitors. 
When you attend competitions or events, always take your own: 
  • feed bins
  • water buckets
  • tack
  • grooming gear
NEVER share this equipment
NEVER use communal water troughs or feeders
(These are a source of infection and can spread disease.)
If you are stabling and the stables have automatic waterers, make sure you wash and disinfect them before you put the horse in the stable.
This is one case where event organiser safety can possibly clash with horse owner biosecurity. From a strict safety point of view all horses should be stabled or housed in a communal holding area. From a horse owners  perspective there is a biosecurity risk with putting your horse in a stable complex at a show- it brings the horse into close contact with other horses and surfaces and objects that other horses may have contaminated. 
Which is why where possible, it is advisable to keep your competition horses separate from your horses that rarely mix with horses from other properties.  This is particularly important for breeding properties.
Keep records of your horse's movements so that these horses and their contacts can be quickly traced in the event of a disease outbreak.  

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