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Emergency Planning - Horse Owner

How prepared are you to respond to an emergency?

Don't wait for a disaster to happen before you think about how you, your family and your animals are going to survive.
In times of crisis people worry not only about their family and property, but also about their pets and livestock.  There are simple steps we can all take to prepare ourselves in advance of emergencies.  The key to survival is forward planning and self reliance. 

Being well prepared provides peace of mind and allows for a more effective response and better outcome when disaster strikes.
The Queensland Horse Council has put together a comprehensive tack box below of information to assist you to make or review an existing EMERGENCY PLAN  for your family and animals. 

This comprehensive tack box contains an Emergency Planning Workbook and fact sheets about relevant issues to assist in completing the workbook.
Please take the time to do this with your family NOW, it has been shown time and time again that if you don't take the time to plan within 24 hours, the chances are very high that you won't do anything at all to prepare for possible emergencies.
All this takes is your time!
REMEMBER - If you own or care for horses in Queensland sign up to HOSS, our very own, FREE, emergency contact database!!


Horse Owner Tack Box

QHC Emergency Planning Workbook
QHC Visitor Register
QHC Temperature Chart

Fact Sheets - Fire

Risk Management Plan - Before the Fire
Risk Management Plan - During the Fire
Risk Management Plan - After the Fire

Fact Sheets - Flood

Flood and your Horse
Flood and your Horse Property
Mud Management for Horse Operations

Fact Sheets - Disease

Biosecurity on your Property
Hendra virus
Hendra virus - Reducing the Risk
Hendra virus - Property Design
Bats and Trees
other Horse Health and Infectious Diseases fact sheets
other Notifiable Diseases fact sheets

Fact Sheets - Evacuation and Large Animal Rescue

Vehicle and Float Requirements
Towing - Driver Responsibilities
An introduction to Large Animal Rescue

Additional Information

Back to Basics; Biological Pasture Management Forage Trees and shrubs for horses
Plants Poisonous to Horses Australian Field Guide (large file size 6.5MB)