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QHC Emergency Response Plan

The Queensland Horse Council Inc (QHC) has prepared an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) to ensure that the pleasure and performance horse industry is well prepared for and able to recognise and respond effectively to future emergency disease outbreaks.

This ERP will be enacted in future emergency disease situations and is supported by plans developed by both state and federal government agencies. 

The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) is the lead combat agency for emergency animal diseases that occur in Queensland.  The QHC ERP has been developed to work within Biosecurity Queensland (BQ) guidelines whilst supporting the horse industry.

The plan ensures that the lessons learned from the Equine Influenza (EI) crisis of 2007 are heeded and implemented. 

A process of continuous improvement through checks, reviews, practical application and testing, will ensure that Queensland’s horse industry remains prepared for any future Emergency Animal Diseases (EAD).

Our success in emergency response management will depend on the early recognition of threats to the horse industry and our readiness to convert that information into rapid and effective action.

Individuals within the horse industry can reduce the potential effects of an emergency disease by keeping alert, knowing the clinical signs to look out for and knowing what to do if an emergency disease is suspected.

The Emergency Response Plan is similar to the AUSVETPLAN, however it focuses on procedures to achieve optimum outcomes for the performance and pleasure horse sector.

1800 675 888

The Disease Watch Hotline is a toll-free telephone number that connects callers to the relevant state or territory officer to report concerns about any potential emergency disease situation. Anyone suspecting an emergency disease outbreak should use this number to get immediate advice and assistance.

Emergency Response Plan
Appendix 1 - Disease Schedules
Appendix 2 - Qld Regions and Map
Appendix 3 - State and Federal Response Roles
Fact Sheets - Hendra virus
Fact Sheets - Horse health and infectious diseases
Fact Sheets - Notifiable diseases

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