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Horse Health & Infectious Diseases

The QHC provides a series of free, short, downloadable Fact Sheets, to give useful summaries of a range of topics associated with horse health, care, management, welfare, and summaries of some of the infectious diseases that affect horses.  
Feel free to read these online, download them to your computer, e-mail them to friends, or print them out and share with your horse-owning friends and club members. Fact Sheets will be released periodically, so bookmark this page and return every now and then for new useful information.
Animal Health in Australia report for 2012
Back 2 basics: Biological Pasture Management
Basic Equine Dental Care
Equine Herpes Virus
Flood and your Horse
Flood and your horse property
Greasy Heel Mud Fever
Heat Stress and Heat Stroke
Leptospirosis – Lepto
Mud Management for Horse Operations
Plants Poisonous to Horses - An Aust field guide
Rattles – Rhodoccus Equi
Stone Bruises
Tying up – Azoturia
Vaccine Handling and Storage