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Benefits of Membership

The QHC’s newsletter

You will receive the QHC’s emailed newsletter and notifications which provides up-to-date and critical information on a variety of current industry issues: 

  • Equine Health
  • Emergency Disease
  • Outbreak/Response
  • Legislation
  • Insurance
  • Forest Trails
  • Educational
  • Seminars Industry
  • Development & Feedback 
For horse organisations, eQuiNEWS can be emailed to your secretary to pass onto your club members or your members can subscribe individually.

Free registration to HOSS(Horse Owners Signal System) and receive notification of an emergency

In conjunction with our national body, AHIC, horse owners can register individually AT NO COST to receive an email in the event of a crisis such as a disease outbreak, bushfire or flood.  All you have to do is register online.
The required information is not intrusive and consists only of a name, email address, and the post code council where your horses live.

Discounted prices to attend QHC clinics and seminars such as:

  • Large Animal Rescue Training
  • Hendra Seminars
  • Managing horses on small properties
  • Equine nutrition Breeding and Horse Health seminars
  • Hoof careFloating and loading
  • TPR – how to take temperature, pulse and respiration 
  • What to do before you call your vet.

Free advertising on the QHC portal for your Club or business

  • List events, musters, club days and other club activities
  • Post Club photos on our photo gallery pages
  • Utilise the portal's Highpoint scoring system
  • Associations and Organisations can have their own website on the portal

If you are an Association or Club you get direct representation to the Queensland Horse Council Inc.

As an affiliated association you are entitled to
  • nominate delegates to attend QHC meetings
  • nominate representatives for election to the QHC Inc Board of Directors

Your involvement affects industry

Statistical data enables the QHC to conduct market research for the purpose of developing and promoting the industry; including market size, market share, segmentation of products and services, business insights, market trends, industry trends, company trends, product trends, supply trends, services trends, performance trends, growth trends, size trends, financial trends, cost trends, and any other major industry indicators.
Statistical information will empower the QHC to work on behalf of horse owning individuals, breeders, businesses, clubs and associations without bias as to interest or specialisation, at a level necessary for the growth of our industry.