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Notifiable Diseases

The following is a list of the notifiable diseases for horses or those that can affect horses.
Most of these diseases are not present in Australia at this time, but some are and occasional outbreaks do occur - eg. Hendra Virus, Anthrax, Equine Infectious Anemia. 
To get more detailed information on each disease click on the disease name and it will
bring up a free, short, downloadable fact sheet for that disease.  
Feel free to read these online, download them to your computer, e-mail them to friends, or print them out and share with your horse-owning friends and club members. 

Please note: some of the images on the fact sheets are unpleasant and disturbing, as are the diseases that cause them.

If any of the following diseases are suspected please contact a Qld DAFF Veterinary Officer immediately by calling: 132523 (business hours Mon-Fri) or 1800 675 888 Animal disease watch hotline (outside business hours) 
African Horse Sickness
Borna Disease
Contagious Equine Metritis
Encephalitis – Eastern, Western and Venezuelan
Epizootic Lymphangitis
Equine Encephalosis
Equine Infectious Anemia
Equine Influenza
Equine Piroplasmosis
Equine Viral Arteritis
Getah Virus
Japanese Encephalitis
Potomac Fever
Salmonellosis Abortusequi
Screw-Worm Fly
Vesicular Stomatitis
Warble Fly
West Nile Fever