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Emergency Planning - Venue Operators and Event Organisers

The need to develop a Horse Health Action Plan

The normal business of a horse venue involves owners, staff or club members and animals moving on and off the property. This movement can raise the risk of harmful disease carrying agents coming onto, being circulated within, or leaving a venue. The risk is increased if the venue has people, equipment or vehicles, travelling from one venue to another as part of their normal duties.

As a venue manager or event organiser, you have a responsibility to ensure that, through planning, your activities minimise the potential for disease carrying agents to enter, be transferred between horses within, or leave the venue.

Benefits of a developing a Horse Health Action Plan

A venue that has undertaken an assessment of threats to horse health (either a self-assessment or using the services of a third-party) will be better able to recognise potential threats, and be in a better position to implement sound management practices to prevent disease spread.

Good practices will not only help keep your horses healthy but also assist in the bigger picture of keeping all of Australia’s livestock healthy.

Through completing the self-assessment in the workbook below and developing a Horse Health Action Plan you will be able to:
  1. Prioritise your actions.
  2. Help protect the broader Australian horse and livestock industries from disease.
  3. Have documentation which may assist in tracing back origin of a disease or providing evidence of a disease free status.
  4. Prepare your venue or event for progress towards voluntary/industry sector driven benchmarking and performance standards.

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Horse Venue Biosecurity Workbook
Horse Health Declaration

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